We, the officials and employees of the Maritime Industry Authority, commit to:

Maintain integrity, dignity and quality in the delivery of frontline services to the clientele/stakeholders at all times;

 Act expeditiously on all applications and requests, achieve satisfaction and meet the expectations of the clientele/stakeholders from MARINA services;

 Respond to all queries, feedbacks, comments, complaints, suggestions thru the Public Assistance Coordinator, designated Officer of the Day and duly filled-out Frontline Service Feedback (ARTA Form 1);

 Instill the true meaning of “public service” within MARINA and eliminate “graft and corrupt practices” by supporting/ implementing anti-fixing campaigns and other measures;

 Nurture professionalism of the MARINA officials and employees by continuously upgrading the capability and competence through necessary training, scholarships; implementation of rewards, awards and incentives system; and providing conducive work environment;

 Always provide efficient, prompt, quality and continuous service to the clientele / stakeholders from Monday to Friday, 7:00 am to 6:00 pm (no noon break).