MARINA PRESS RELEASE — (03 October 2018)

MANILA, Philippines. The International Maritime Organization (IMO) has recently invited the Maritime Industry Authority (MARINA) to a Resource Mobilization Workshop in South Korea on 26-30 November 2018.

In his meeting with officials of the MARINA, Mr. Youngso Kim, Head of IMO’s Technical Cooperation Division on Resource Mobilization and Partnership said that the IMO aims to build networks, develop partnership and foster good relationship among member States of the Organization.

He likewise mentioned that the IMO’s resource mobilization program is centered on knowledge partnership where the Organization can share its expertise and experience in investments and development cooperation. The program also targets to accelerate the ratification or accession of various IMO instruments and assists members in setting up the required strategies for their effective implementation.

MARINA officials expressed their full support of the resource mobilization program of the IMO.

Two (2) participants from IMO Member States will be invited to the workshop wherein the Philippines will be represented by the MARINA and the National Economic Development Authority (NEDA).

Representatives from ASEAN countries, Korea, Japan, Australia, New Zealand as well as the World Bank, Asian Development Bank, the ASEAN Secretariat will also participate in the said workshop.