MANILA, PHILIPPINES – The Maritime Industry Authority (MARINA) Administrator Robert Empedrad have once again strengthened the MARINA’s organizational work force by appointing 49 new MARINA officers and personnel, which were composed of 33 newly promoted and 16 newly hired employees.

Conducted both through virtual and face-to-face, Administrator Empedrad administered the mass oath-taking of the new appointees on Thursday, 18 February 2021, which was facilitated by the Human Resources Development Division (HRMDD) of the Management, Financial and Administrative Service (MFAS) under the leadership of Director Nenita Atienza.

The 49 plantilla positions were composed of: three (3) Administrative Aide IV; one (1) Administrative Aide VI; two (2) Administrative Assistant III; one (1) Administrative Assistant V; three (3) Administrative Officer II; one (1) Administrative Officer IV; one (1) Administrative Officer V; one (1) Legal Aide; one (1) Planning Officer I; one (1) Accountant I; one (1) Accountant II; one (1) Accountant III; three (3) Maritime Industry Development Specialist I; seven (7) Maritime Industry Development Specialist II; six (6) Senior Maritime Industry Development Specialist; one (1) Shipping Operations Specialist I; three (3) Shipping Operations Specialist II; two (2) Senior Shipping Operations Specialist; one (1) Chief Shipping Operations Specialist; one (1) Senior Shipbuilding Specialist; one (1) Supervising Shipbuilding Specialist; one (1) Chief Shipbuilding Specialist; one (1) Engineer II; one (1) Engineer III; one (1) Attorney II; one (1) Information Systems Analyst II; one (1) Information Systems Analyst III; and one (1) Information Officer V.

With this development in the human resources of the agency, MARINA will be able to deliver its frontline services faster, more conveniently, and more efficiently to maritime stakeholders through the assumption of the said employees.

“To me, what is important is your heart – your love for service to our beloved nation. Your service to the Filipino people should be coming from your heart,” Administrator Empedrad said in his speech. “I know that you have been chosen because of your credibility, capability, and competence. We are looking forward to serve with you with dedication and commitment.”

Strengthening of the MARINA organization to promote efficiency as a sustainable approach to serving maritime stakeholders with fast and reliable services is part of Administrator Empedrad’s 10-point agenda.

In relation to this, the MARINA has commissioned the Development Academy of the Philippines (DAP) to study and come up with an enhanced MARINA organizational structure that is responsive to the arising challenges in the local and global maritime industry.