In Photo: Atty. Jean Ver P. Pia, PhD

Overseas Shipping Service

As Director, Atty. Pia is responsible for the promotion and regulation of the overseas shipping sector, one of the four main sectors of the maritime industry. She provides over-all direction and supervision to the three divisions of the OSS, namely: Maritime Registry Division (MRD), International Shipping Development Division (ISDD) and the Cooperation and Strategic Maritime Initiatives Division (CSMID).

A lawyer by profession, she is a Career Executive Service Eligible (CSEE). She started her career at the MARINA as a working student while working as Secretary II to the then Deputy Administrator for Operations with a coterminous status in November 1994.  When she became a lawyer in March of 2000, she was hired as Legal Officer III, and subsequently promoted from Management and Audit Analyst IV, and Attorney V of the Hearing and Adjudication Division of the Franchising Office from 2000 until her promotion to Director last November 2015.

In terms of her educational background, Atty. Pia took up her Doctor of Philosophy (PH.D) in Cardiff University, Wales, Cardiff, United Kingdom from October 2010 and graduated last 21 July 2017. Her Ph.D. thesis explored Filipino seafarers’ work and experience of the government-prescribed standard employment contract in relation to their health, safety and well-being on-board the ship. As a Research Fellow at SIRC, her research interest developed in relation to issues of global political economy, regulation and temporary migration.

She obtained her Masters of Science (MSc) in Maritime Administration at the World Maritime University, in Malmo, Sweden from May 2002 to October 2003.

Both post-graduate studies were funded by the Sasakawa Fellowship of Japan and the Nippon Foundation/Seafarers International Research Centre (SIRC), respectively. Her studies abroad demonstrate that her education have been geared towards specialization in maritime affairs and her capacity to thrive under a multi-cultural environment.

Atty. Pia took her Bachelor’s Degree in Laws (Ll.B) at the San Beda College, Manila from 1994 to 1999 and passed the 1999 Philippine Bar Examination.  Before entering the College of Law, she took her Bachelor of Arts degree in Major in Political Science at the University of Santo Tomas, Manila from 1990-1994.

Atty. Pia is the second of four children of retired government employees. Her mother, Dr. Zenaida Mendoza Pugal-Pia, Ph.D was a professor at the Polytechnic University of the Philippines, Manila while her father, Atty. Lamberto V. Pia was the Deputy Administrator for Operations of the MARINA until his retirement in 2007.