Application for Certificate of Public Convenience (CPC)/Provisional Authority (Pa)/Special Permit (SP)

Pre-Acceptance Requirements

  1. Application
    • Must be duly notarized and verified;
    • Must contain a Certification of Non-Forum Shopping, pursuant to Supreme Court Administrative Circular No. 04-94;
    • Must contain an Explanation of Service to affected parties, if any, pursuant to Section II, Rule 13, of the Revised Rules of Court (Only letter of application is required in case of small banca operators(15 GT and below) and/or those covered under the legalization program)
  2. Vessel Documents
    • Certificate of Inspection
    • Radio/Ship Station License (for vessels 36 GT and above)
  3. Provisional/Final Class Certificate (if required)
  4. Passenger insurance coverage at P100,000.00/passenger covering the authorized passenger capacity per vessel’s CI (for passenger/passenger cargo vessels per MC 149)
  5. Oil Pollution Cover (for tankers and barges carrying oil and/or petroleum products) Certificate of Coverage against Third Party Liability (for Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) Carriers) – amount of coverage based on MC 128
  6. PPA Certification on berthing space availability
  7. Financial evaluation, documents
  8. NAMRIA Certificate of distance (for pioneer links/routes),
  9. Three colored photographs of the vessel
  10. Feasibility study (for two or more operators)
  11. Night Vision equipment (for High-Speed Crafts operating at nighttime)

Post-Approval Requirements(previously pre-acceptance requirements)

  1. Coastwise License
  2. Certificate of Compliance with MARINA MC No. 65/65-A
  3. DOT Accreditation Certificate
  4. Jurisdictional Compliance (publication of the notice of hearing, proof of notice to affected parties to be presented during the initial hearing)
  5. Others