Manila, Philippines. MARINA Administrator Rey Leonardo B Guerrero spearheaded the 3-day Workshop on Scoping and Situational Analysis Workshop for the formulation of a 10-year Maritime Industry Development Program (MIDP) that started yesterday, 19 June 2018 until 21 June 2018.

The Workshop is participated in by 33 officials and technical staff of the MARINA, whom Administrator Guerrero calls as “champions”, for the formulation of a comprehensive program that would push for our development as a maritime nation.

It will allow participants to journey and revisit long standing issues and concerns of the maritime industry with the end in view of resolving them.

In his opening remarks, Guerrero called on every participant to “work together to understand where the Philippine Maritime Industry is today, where we envision it to be decades from now, and what actions do we need to pursue to make sure that the Philippine maritime industry remains to be a key and strong driver of socio-economic growth.” The MIDP covers the 4 sectors in the maritime industry, namely: domestic shipping, overseas shipping, maritime manpower and shipbuilding, ship repair and ship breaking and the sub-sector of maritime safety as well as emerging ones such as maritime tourism, fishing and logistics.