1. Acts as the central maritime data generating and Information Technology (IT) Unit of the Authority with respect to the development, implementation and monitoring of application systems and other computer-based systems;
  2. Formulates, updates and recommends plans and programs to ensure complete, accurate, available, reliable and timely provision, maintenance and dissemination/publication of maritime industry sector related data/statistics/ Information and reports that will serve as inputs/bases of the different Units of the Authority in the discharge of their regulatory/supervisory and developmental/promotional functions;
  3. Formulates, updates and recommends the information systems plan to allow the Authority to migrate into and become an IT-enabled agency;
  4. Gathers, evaluates and analyzes internal/external information/statistics, including sex disaggregated data, as identified and/or required by the different Units of the Authority, and prepares reports necessary for plan formulation/updating, policy development/review/revision and project development/evaluation and in support of the regulatory/supervisory and developmental/promotional functions of the Authority;
  5. Generates and distributes periodic reports on the maritime industry sector statistics and other maritime-related information, as required by the different Units of the Authority and other government entities, including the private sector and the general public;
  6. Monitors submission of the monthly performance/accomplishment reports of the different Units of the Authority, prepares and disseminates the corresponding agency accomplishment reports covering the discharge of its regulatory/supervisory and promotional/developmental functions, financial performance and other annual and biennial maritime-related statistical/management reports, as periodically required by relevant government agencies;
  7. Conceptualizes, designs, disseminates and/or publishes maritime-related information/statistics, reports and related materials that will enhance the knowledge of the private sector, the general public and other concerned entities about MARINA, its plans, programs, projects, policies, rules and regulations and its performance;
  8. Designs, develops, documents and maintains, in coordination with different Units of the Authority, maritime information systems, procedures and databases that meet their requirements/needs of the different Units in support of their promotional/developmental and regulatory/supervisory functions and of the maritime industry sectors;
  9. Provides technical assistance to concerned Units of the Authority in the conduct of special market development researches and other related surveys to support the planning and policy formulation functions of the Authority;
  10. Develops, implements and maintains monitoring system on the Authority’s operations and existing systems and procedures;
  11. Coordinates with the different Units of the Authority in the development, promotion and maintenance of a complete and relevant maritime data bank that shall support the promotion, development, regulation and supervision functions/activities of the Authority;
  12. Conceptualizes, designs, implements and/or promotes the use of the Authority’s maritime library that shall cover the latest reference materials/issuances or international maritime organizations that shall bear impact on the authority’s mandates/functions and shall cater to the requirements/needs of the different maritime industry sectors;
  13. Provides such other information on maritime industry-related matters, as may be required by the private sector, the public, foreign administrations and other entities and from time to time be conveyed through correspondence, press releases, notices, brochures and special reports, subject to the approval of the Administrator or his authorized representative;
  14. Designs, develops, installs and maintains computer-based systems and programs in support of the development and regulatory functions of the Authority, in coordination with the appropriate Units of the Authority;
  15. Undertakes the management, maintenance and operation of the computers and network infrastructure/s of the different Units of the Authority;
  16. Maintains and updates effective web/network administration for the Authority;
  17. Identifies and recommends application systems and IT training programs for possible outsourcing of the design, updating and maintenance thereof;
  18. Provides technical support and assistance in the development, implementation and maintenance of computer-based systems of the different Units of the Authority;
  19. Provides training and assistance relative to the IT staff development of the other Units of the Authority;
  20. Develops and maintains the electronic data processing capability of the Authority to achieve maximum efficiency and economy of its operations;
  21. Represents the Authority in International conferences/meetings/negotiations, as may be assigned by higher authorities;
  22. Prepares response/replies to inquiries relating to the Authority’s plans, programs, projects, policies, rules and regulations, and
  23. Performs such other functions as may be assigned by higher authorities.