1. Acts as the central planning and policy making unit of the Agency;
  2. Formulates and implements an integrated, practicable, coordinated and gender-sensitive Maritime Industry Development Plan (MIDP) taking into consideration developments and challenges in the national, regional and global maritime industry environment;
  3. Develops and carries out a system for measuring and assessing the progress of implementation of the MIDP and its impact on the maritime industry;
  4. Serves as the central project management Unit of the Authority;
  5. Formulates, adopts and implements a standard performance management system for evaluating and reviewing Office and Organizational performance;
  6. Formulates, updates and recommends policies, rules and regulations of the Authority and undertakes periodic review and assessment of the effectiveness of policies and submits appropriate recommendations thereof;
  7. Conducts researches and studies relevant to plan formulation and updating; policy development, review and revision; and project development and evaluation;
  8. Prepares a coordinated position on issues that pertain to proposed, new and existing maritime industry rules and regulations;
  9. Analyzes submitted reports relating to the attendance/participation of MARINA officials/staff in international conferences/meetings/negotiations and recommends appropriate program/project, policy or management action thereon;
  10. Facilitates dialogue and promotes improved collaboration and cooperation with relevant stakeholders, both from private and government sectors through: public consultation and stakeholder’s meetings.
  11. Represents the Authority in various meetings and conferences or similar engagements, locally or internationally, as may be assigned by higher authorities;
  12. Responds or prepares replies to inquiries relating to the Authority’s plans, programs, projects, policies, rules and regulations; and,
  13. Performs other functions as may be assigned by competent authorities.