1. Develops and administers a strategic human resource development and management program which shall include personnel hiring/recruitment; selection/promotion; succession/retirement and position classification; employee’s learning and development; performance management; employee’s relations/morale/ discipline;
  2. Provides accounting and financial services, including maintenance of books or accounts, preparation of financial statements and reports, and funds management and control;
  3. Prepares and develops, in accordance with other Units of the Authority, the office’s budgetary requirements and undertakes all activities relative to the established budget cycle and implications thereof vis-à-vis the existing laws and the circulars, rules and regulations issued by the Office of the President, DBM and DOTC;
  4. Acts as lead MARINA office with respect to budget hearings/consultations undertaken by DOTC, DBM, COA, Senate and Congress;
  5. Provides general and auxiliary services relative to management, custody and disposal of records, supplies and equipment, collection of fees and charges and disbursements, security, custodial works and general utility;
  6. Provides general administrative support and supervision over the different units of the Authority; including the MROs, covering administrative, fiscal and personnel management matters/activities;
  7. Issues Administrative Orders/Memoranda on the adoption of internal rules and regulations, relative to the implementation/enforcement of administrative, financial/fiscal or personnel management matters or activities;
  8. Undertakes assessment/review/audit of the existing systems and procedures or the Authority for purposes of improving the flow of work and raise productivity and, as appropriate, ascertains whether financial and operating records and reports contain accurate, reliable, timely, complete and useful information, and that controls over record keeping and reporting are adequate and effective, including compliance of the Authority and/or its Units with existing plans, programs, policies rules regulations and procedure; and
  9. Performs such other functions as may be assigned by higher authorities.