September is Maritime Archipelagic Nation Awareness Month! The Maritime Industry Authority (MARINA) enjoins all seafarers, shipping companies, and other maritime stakeholders to join us during this month-long celebration of #MANAMo2022.

This year’s theme is “Our Seas, Our Livelihood, Our Life Source: A Whole-of-Nation Approach Towards Raising Maritime and Ocean Awareness”. For the entire month of September, the MARINA, other participating agencies and instrumentalities of the National and Local Government as well as the private sector will be holding several face-to-face and virtual activities designed to raise awareness and consciousness on maritime and archipelagic concerns of the Philippines.

You may access the official MANA Mo 2022 Google Site using the link:

More details about the events and activities of MANA Mo 2022 will be also available on the MARINA social media platforms, so stay tuned!



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