MARINA Press Release

The Maritime Industry Authority (MARINA) will impose strict regulations for Philippine-registered overseas ships to avoid detentions abroad.

Starting 20 October 2018, the MARINA, in the exercise of its oversight function as flag state administration, will directly conduct audit of shipping companies and inspection of Philippine-registered ships detained overseas.

The move aims to ensure the PH ships’ compliance with international maritime instruments and that violations are rectified before they are allowed to sail again.

In the first half of 2018, there were five Philippine ships detained in Australia, Indonesia, Japan, and China for failing to comply with structural and operational standards. One of the ships even had multiple detentions due to several violations found.

To prevent similar cases in the future, shipping companies will be required to submit to the MARINA copies of the Port State Control (PSC) inspection report within 24 hours after undergoing PSC inspection. The MARINA also orders shipowners to provide a detailed report that includes a root cause analysis of the deficiencies found in the ship and corrective actions agreed upon with the PSC authorities abroad.

The MARINA will make its evaluation based on the submitted reports.

Through its strict regulation and supervision, the MARINA targets to prevent violations involving Philippine ships plying the overseas trade, guarantees the proper condition of the ships and its equipment, and ensures that its manpower and operations follow applicable international laws.

The MARINA, as a responsible member of the international maritime community and in the exercise of its flag state implementation duties, is mandated to closely monitor the performance of Philippine-registered vessels by strictly implementing safety and security standards and regulations in the maritime industry, for the protection of its crew and the marine environment.