MARINA Press Release

MANILA, PHILIPPINES —The Maritime Industry Authority (MARINA) boosts its social media efforts to generate public awareness on the agency’s programs for the development and promotion of the Philippine maritime industry.

“The role of social media is critical and vital to the MARINA’s mission to provide leadership in transforming the Philippines into a major maritime nation. I express my full support to the strategic communications campaign of MARINA. Through efficient dissemination of information, we will be able to build confidence and trust among our stakeholders,” Marina Administrator Rey Leonardo Guerrero said.

The MARINA targets to integrate its public assistance services online by capacitating several staff with the necessary skills in handling social media pages. Hence, the staff, noted as social media representatives, underwent a workshop on August 16-17, 2018 in Manila.

In the said workshop, the participants were oriented on proper information dissemination and social media management. Aside from contributing to social media posts, they were also taught how to answer queries received via the MARINA’s official Facebook page.

Hence, through the said capacity-building activity, the dissemination and exchange of information between the MARINA and the public are expected to be faster, more convenient, and more efficient.

Recently, the MARINA has started strengthening its information dissemination to connect and cater to maritime stakeholders through its Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram accounts.

As part of its online campaign, the agency now regularly releases news, photo, and video updates documenting the projects and programs of MARINA regional offices and central office services, specifically on issues concerning maritime safety and security, shipping and ports industry, welfare of seafarers, maritime tourism, and good governance, among others.

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