MARINA Press Release
(09 October 2018) —

MANILA, PHILIPPINES — The Maritime Industry Authority (MARINA) Administrator Rey Leonardo Guerrero beefs up the MARINA’s organizational work force by appointing sixty (60) new MARINA officers and personnel.

At the flag ceremony held on 8 October 2018, Guerrero administered the mass oath-taking of the new appointees — the first to be undertaken in the 44-year history of the MARINA.

The assumption into office of these employees will allow the MARINA to deliver its front-line services faster, more conveniently, and more efficiently to maritime stakeholders.

The 60 plantilla positions are composed of: two (2) Attorney V, one (1) Attorney IV, two (2) Attorney III, one (1) Computer Programmer III, twenty (20) Senior Maritime Industry Development Specialist, two (2) Administrative Officer IV, fourteen (14) Maritime Industry Specialist II, one (1) Accountant I, one (1) Administrative Assistant V, thirteen (13) Maritime Industry Specialist I, and three (3) Administrative Aide VI.

The continuous filling-up of vacant plantilla positions is one of the MARINA’s 14-point agenda for 2018 .