MARINA Press Release –
18 October 2018

MANILA, PHILIPPINES — To effectively provide leadership in transforming the Philippines into a major maritime nation, the Maritime Industry Authority (MARINA) is now finalizing the priority programs and projects under the 10-year Maritime Industry Development Program (MIDP) — a major component of the MARINA’s 14-point agenda for 2018.

MARINA – Planning and Policy Service (PPS) Director Emmanuel Carpio said the formulation of the MIDP is pursuant to Presidential Decree No. 474 wherein the MARINA is created and mandated to prepare a maritime industry development plan to address all the key concerns of the maritime sector in the country.

“While it may be true that we do have plans in the past, those are either short or indefinite plans that do not sufficiently reflect the mandate of the MARINA as maritime administration. As part of it, we have to commit and adhere by its mandate pursuant to the objectives of its creation, which is to prepare and annually update a ten-year maritime industry development program that contains a rational and integrated development of the maritime industry.” MARINA-PPS Director Carpio said.

The MARINA technical working groups reviewed and finalized the priority programs and projects, with detailed results frameworks highlighting the impacts, indicators, and target outcomes relative to: the planned establishment of the maritime industrial hub, the MARINA’s role in the development of the Philippine nautical system as well as the country’s coastal and inland waterways, fishing, maritime tourism, maritime safety, maritime security, and maritime information and communication.

Relevant laws and supporting policies, key stakeholders including government agencies, maritime-related industries, and academic institutions, as well as their roles in the implementation of the MIDP were also clearly defined.

Moreover, the MARINA also consulted the general riding public using maritime transport amid formulation of the MIDP to ensure that all programs and projects under it are in response to their needs.

The MARINA-PPS will present the draft MIDP primer to the MARINA Management for further refinement next week.