GENERAL SANTOS CITY – The Maritime Industry Authority, through the Shipyards Regulation Service (SRS), continues to advocate equal opportunities for both men and women in the shipbuilding and ship repair (SBSR) industry through a gender sensitivity workshop with SBSR stakeholders in Mindanao.

The MARINA believes that the active participation of every Filipino will lead to the fulfillment of the Maritime Industry Development Plan (MIDP) and part of it is employing more people in the maritime industry, regardless of gender.

Ms. Marichu Magpantay-Buergo, a Gender and Development (GAD) specialist, discussed the social construction of gender, concepts and tools for gender analysis, as well as gender-based inequalities in the society.

Buergo debunked the myth that men are stronger compared to women. She emphasized that no scientific study has proven the claim, clarifying that women may actually be stronger than men for their capability to carry an unborn child inside their bodies for nine months. She also highlighted that men and women only differed on their physiological aspect and biological make-up.

Finally, Buergo encouraged the participants to share their gained knowledge on gender sensitivity with their colleagues to further strengthen cooperation and oneness at the workplace.

To conclude, the MARINA reminded the participants that a more inclusive and less discriminatory environment is instrumental in engaging more individuals in the maritime industry.

“This gender sensitivity workshop is not intended to devalue men by empowering women, but an opportunity to learn how to respect each and every individual,” MARINA-SRS Director Engr. Ramon Hernandez said.