MANILA, PHILIPPINES – As envisioned in the 10-year maritime industry development plan (MIDP), the Maritime Industry Authority (MARINA) has strengthened policies on maritime tourism by issuing rules and regulations on the registration, licensing, and operation of recreational boats for commercial or private use within the Philippine territorial waters.

Per Memorandum Circular Number DS-2019-01, MARINA has defined recreational boats as vessels of up to 150.9 feet / 46 meters or less, with a capacity of up to 10 tons of cargo, used exclusively for recreational or tourism development purposes, either commercially or privately.

Recreational boats to be registered may be locally-built or imported new vessels. Previously registered boats under MARINA, as well as previously unregistered boats existing in the country under Amnesty rules are also welcomed.

Filipino citizens and/or domestic partnerships, associations, or corporations are allowed to register recreational boats for commercial or private use. Recreational boats registered under a foreign national and/or foreign-owned domestic company or corporation shall only be used privately.

On the completion of the registration of a recreational boat, MARINA shall grant a Certificate of Ownership and the Recreational Boat Certificate valid for five (5) years and must be renewed before its expiration.

Furthermore, MARINA shall keep and maintain a Registry of Recreational Boat to record essential information including: the name of the recreational boats, its homeports and official numbers, the name of the builders with the place and year built, as well as vessel specifications, among others.

However, a recreational boat may be deleted from the Registry of Recreational Boat if the vessel is sold for export; when MARINA revokes the approval of the charter / lease contract for a cause and after due process; when the vessel suffers actual or constructive loss; when it undergoes shipbreaking o shiprecycling; upon the request of the registered owner; when the Administration orders the deletion from the registry due to violations of government rules and regulations; and when the Recreational Boat Certificate is not renewed after expiration.

For the complete list of documentary requirements and other details about the rules and regulations on the registration, licensing, and operation of recreational boats, the public is encouraged to read the full memorandum circular at: