MANILA, PHILIPPINES – The Maritime Industry Authority (MARINA) has reminded ship owners, ship operators, bareboat charterers, ship managers, and other concerned stakeholders to ensure maritime safety at all time, especially this rainy season.

Through an advisory, MARINA instructed stakeholders to conduct necessary actions to achieve zero maritime accident, specifically by operating their ships in manners that are safe for the passengers and contribute minimal negative impacts to the marine environment.

The MARINA urged stakeholders to comply with ship safety rules and regulations, as well as implement their respective Safety Management System (SMS) and Preventive Maintenance System (PMS).

The agency also reminded them to observe the latest weather forecast, conduct proper risk assessment of shipboard operations, and apply control measures, as needed.

Moreover, stakeholders are also instructed to ensure the stability of seagoing vessels during the loading and/or unloading of passengers and cargoes, taking into consideration its maximum capacity and loadline.

Finally, they are reminded to have adequate communication and navigational devices, life-saving appliances, firefighting systems, as well as cargo securing / handling equipment that are accessible and ready for usage onboard.

MARINA believes that maritime stakeholders play a major role in ensuring a safe culture in the Philippine maritime industry. Hence, the agency seeks their active cooperation for a safe, comfortable, and convenient sea transportation in the country at all times, especially this rainy season.