MARINA presents 2019 OSS Accomplishments, intensifies collaboration with private stakeholders


MANILA, PHILIPPINES – To further strengthen the collaboration with the private stakeholders of the overseas shipping sector and to present its accomplishments for 2019, the Maritime Industry Authority (MARINA), through the Overseas Shipping Service (OSS), convened a Consultative Meeting with the Private Stakeholders of the said sector on 19 February 2020 at the MARINA Central Office.

Atty. Jean Ver P. Pia, PhD, Director of the MARINA – Overseas Shipping Service (MARINA – OSS), graced the meeting by requesting the support and cooperation of the stakeholders on the following identified OSS strategic deliverables for the next three years: a.) IMSAS Council – Approved Philippine IMO Strategy; b.) Draft Republic Acts on the Implementation of IMO Conventions for Loadline, Tonnage, ColReg, MARPOL and SOLAS; c.) Model Merchant Shipping Agreement; d.) Negotiated Bilateral Agreements using the model Merchant Shipping Agreement with at least three countries; and e.) Memorandum Circular on the online registration for the Philippine registered vessels operating overseas.

“We strive for the country not only to be a leader in the supply of maritime professionals, but also to evolve into a national and global center for maritime services as this promote economic growth and create significant employment opportunities,” Atty. Pia added as she conveyed the country’s role in the global maritime industry.

During the meeting, Atty. Pia showed the accomplishments of the overseas shipping sector for 2019 such as the issuance of flag advisories, policy review, registered overseas ships, best practices for good governance, spearheaded and participated capacity-building activities, re-election of the Philippines to the IMO Council under Category C and inclusion to IMO Whitelist, among others.

She likewise conducted a consultation on the Amendment to MARINA Circular No. 2013-04 or the “Omnibus Rules on the Issuance of Special Permit for the Temporary Utilization of Philippine-registered Domestic Ships to Operate in International Voyages” and the full implementation of the Overseas Shipping Service Information and Monitoring System (OSSIMS).

Further, Presidential Legislative Liaison Office Senate of the Philippines Consultant, Ms. Evelyn S. Ruiz, delivered a lecture on Gender and Development, as well as the legislative process in the country.

The Officer-In-Charge of the MARINA-Legal Service, Atty. Eusebia Cadlum-Boco, reported the status of the pending House Bills on Philippine Ship Registry, Incentives and Other Legislative initiatives for the maritime sector.

Lastly Engr. Carl Kenneth C. Caluza of the MARINA-Maritime Safety Service (MARINA-MSS) and Capt. Inocencio C. Rosario Jr., Director of the National Port State Control of the Philippine Coast Guard (PCG), discussed on the Maritime Safety Campaign of the Philippines.

The said Consultation Meeting was concluded with an Open Forum wherein representatives from the government agencies and private stakeholders exchanged views and comments on matters concerning the overseas shipping sector.

Meanwhile, the stakeholders were informed during the meeting that the two (2) MARINA Circulars on Permanent Conversion of Ships Trading Status from Domestic to Overseas Trade and the further Amendment to Memorandum Circular No. 182 were approved during the 270th Meeting of the MARINA Board on 25 July 2019. It can be recalled that the two MARINA Circulars were tackled during the Private Stakeholders Meeting in July 2019.