MANILA – The Maritime Industry Authority (MARINA) has once again issued an advisory, which grants a one (1)-year extension for expiring Seafarer’s Record Books (SRBs) and Seafarers Identification and Record Books (SIRBs) from 01 July 2021 to 31 December 2021 to further assist Filipino seafarers who are experiencing difficulties in crew changes and disembarkation and to promote their continued employment.

“All Seafarer’s Record Books (SRBs) or Seafarers’ Identification and Record Books (SIRBs), expiring between 01 July 2021 to 31 December 2021, shall be extended for a period of one (1) year from the date of expiry without the need to file for its renewal at the MARINA. This applies to SRB or SIRB of all Filipino Seafarers who are ONBOARD at the time of the expiry of their respective SIRB or SRB,” stated in the Advisory.

Further, the MARINA directed all concerned manning or crewing agencies and shipping companies to submit to the agency the list of their crew members whose validity of SIRB/SRB have been extended pursuant to the Advisory via e-mail at [email protected]. A format is provided in Annex A of the said Advisory which can be downloaded in the MARINA website.
The issuance of this Advisory effectively repeals MARINA Advisory 2020-91.

By public interest, the MARINA has been compelled to issue this Advisory as a way to promote the continued employment of our seafarers, facilitate crew change and their repatriation and to allow those ashore to spend more time at home with their loved ones.