LOOK: In preparation for the International Maritime Organization (IMO) Member State Audit Scheme (IMSAS) in October 2022, the Maritime Industry Authority (MARINA), through the Overseas Shipping Service (OSS), convened the IMSAS Pre-Assessment Workshop on 13 August 2021 via video conferencing.

Facilitated by the IMSAS expert and MARINA’s Focal Person for IMSAS Mock Audit and Capacity Building, Director Jose Venancio A. Vero, Jr., together with the country’s Single Point of Contact (SPC), Atty. Jean Ver P. Pia, PhD, and MARINA’s Focal Person for IMSAS Compliance and Preparation, Director Ramon C. Hernandez, the said workshop aims to assess the performance of the MARINA as flag State administration, pursuant to the IMO Instruments Implementation Code (III Code), as the standard for IMSAS, and other relevant materials such as the 2019 Non-Exhaustive List of Obligations under Instruments Relevant to the III Code.