MANILA – The Maritime Industry Authority (MARINA) Administrator Robert Empedrad have once again strengthened the MARINA’s organizational work force by appointing 62 new MARINA officers and personnel on Tuesday, 09 November 2021, at the MARINA Central Office.

Conducted both through virtual and face-to-face, Administrator Empedrad administered the mass oath-taking of the new appointees, which was facilitated by the Human Resources Development Division (HRMDD) of the Management, Financial and Administrative Service (MFAS) under the leadership of Director Nenita Atienza.

The 62 plantilla positions were composed of: one (1) Chief Maritime Industry Development Specialist; one (1) Chief Administrative Officer; two (2) Maritime Education and Training Standards Supervisor (Engine); one (1) Maritime Education and Training Standards Supervisor (Deck); one (1) Supervising Administrative Officer (HRMO IV); one (1) Supervising Administrative Officer; one (1) Supervising Administrative Officer (Budget Officer IV); eight ( 8 Senior Maritime Industry Development Specialist; one (1) Senior Shipbuilding Specialist; two (2) Planning Officer III; two (2) Engineer III; one (1) Attorney II; one (1) Information Technology Officer II; one (1) Information Technology Officer I; five (5) Maritime Industry Development Specialist II; four (4) Shipping Operations Specialist II; two (2) Shipbuilding Specialist II; eleven (11) Maritime Industry Development Specialist I; one (1) Accountant I; one (1) Administrative Officer V; one (1) Administrative Officer IV (HRMO II); one (1) Administrative Officer IV (HRMO II); three (3) Administrative Assistant III; two (2) Administrative Assistant II; three (3) Administrative Assistant I; three (3) Administrative Aide VI; and one (1) Administrative Aide IV (Driver II).

Through the assumption of the newly appointed personnel, MARINA will be able to deliver its frontline services faster, more conveniently, and more efficiently to maritime stakeholders through the assumption of the said employees.

During his opening remarks, Administrator Empedrad cited five key points for the recently promoted MARINA personnel to help them find inspiration and encouragement as they assume their new positions.

According to Administrator Empedrad, all the MARINA personnel were promoted because of God’s providence, inspiration from love ones, mentors and peers, and also a result of a job well done or excellent performance. He also emphasized that promotion entails more responsibility and more display of hard work while maintaining the value of humility.

The continuous filling-up of vacant plantilla positions is one of the VADM Empedrad’s 10-point agenda particularly on the strengthening of the MARINA organization to promote efficiency as a sustainable approach to serving maritime stakeholders with fast and reliable services.