MANILA – The Maritime Industry Authority (MARINA), through the efforts of its STCW Office, reminded the public that the MARINA Competency Reviewer Portal (CRP), which was successfully launched last 18 November 2021, is now fully functional with the first batch of seafarers able to secure their examination schedule last 05 January 2022 at the MARINA Central Office.

The Competency Reviewer Portal (CRP) is an online review platform designed to help seafarers in the preparation for their Theoretical Examination which is a prerequisite for a seafarer to obtain Certificate of Competency (COC) as a licensed Merchant Marine Officer that ensures their competency to go on board with the capacity that they have passed.

Given the time constraint that most seafarers encounter due to the duration of contract, trainings, vacation time and with the present COVID-19 quarantine protocols which require a great deal of time taken away from our seafarers, the MARINA CRP is a great avenue for seafarers to prepare for their upcoming examination and to be in control of their own schedule.

The MARINA believes that the implementation of the said portal is indeed beneficial to our Filipino seafarers. First, it is free to all qualified seafarers who are aiming to take the Marina Theoretical Examination. Second, it gives seafarers the chance to maximize their time taking into consideration this system can be accessed at the comfort of their homes and even while onboard. Lastly, the MARINA CRP is focused on the topics appropriate to the level of examination a seafarer will be taking ensuring a more focused review.

From a conceptualized project by MARINA Administrator Vice Admiral Robert A Empedrad AFP (Ret) and STCW Office Executive Director Vice Admiral Rene V Medina AFP (Ret), the MARINA CRP had become a tangible reality under the supervision of Mr. Dalmacio L. Gonzales, Jr., Division Chief of the ICTMD and through the skillful efforts of Ms. Marjorie Mae M. Cruzat, Information Technology Officer II, who programmed the said system. She was presented with an Outstanding Achievement Award for her exceptional skills and meritorious services rendered beyond the call of her normal duties.