MANILA – A proof of commitment to the Filipino nation, that’s how Maritime Industry Authority Administrator Vice Admiral Robert A Empedrad AFP (Ret) described the three (3) maritime reports the agency presented to the public yesterday, 31 March 2022.

“These three (3) publications are the pieces of future of our maritime industry. These are our commitment to the Filipino nation. ‘Yan ang proof ng ating commitment. We should be committed to execute and implement the plans, programs and timelines that we put in these three (3) documents.”

The MARINA made public its 10-year Maritime Industry Development Plan (MIDP), Strategic Voyage Plan 2022-2028, and the Philippine response to the European Maritime Safety Agency (EMSA) report.

“Today is a very significant day for the Maritime Industry Authority. What we are doing is to highlight the excellent service that we want to give for the maritime nation,” Empedrad expressed. Through the establishment of MIDP, the MARINA envisions to accelerate and expand domestic shipping services that renders the country’s economic environment more conducive for flourishing of businesses, influx of investments and facilitation of trade within the country; build modern and seaworthy ships through a globally competitive ship building, ship repair and ship breaking industry and; promote and develop the Philippines as human resource capital for ship management and other maritime services.

Meanwhile, the agency’s very own Voyage Plan outlines the six-year organizational development strategy that focuses on accelerating the integrated and rational development of the maritime industry in the Philippines, and its dream of aggressively instituting good governance in its existing infrastructure and systems.

The Voyage Plan will be subjected to external auditors.

“I will always welcome third party audits because the outside auditors can see what we cannot see. Kaya nga ‘yung Voyage Plan will be subjected for audit by the Institute for Solidarity in Asia (ISA).”

As for the country’s response to the EMSA report, the MARINA shared its 200-page document titled, 2022 Philippine Response — our strategic actions in addressing the EMSA Audit.

“I believe, with all my heart, that the contents of the report substantially addressed the issues of EMSA. And it is not only addressing the issues EMSA but it is also raising the level of our compliance to the STCW,” the MARINA Chief emphasized.

It should be recalled that the MARINA was able to beat the 10 March 2022 deadline set by the European Commission (EC) for the submission of the PH corrective actions on maritime issues.


Further, the event also paved way into commending several MARINA officials, offices, and employees for its exceptional work, and dedication leading to the successful completion of the three maritime reports.

Offices that received their Plaques of Appreciation were Planning and Policy Service (PPS) for its completion of MARINA Strategic Voyage Plan 2028, and the MIDP Abridged Report; and Standards of Training, Certification and Watchkeeping (STCW) Office for its invaluable support for the publication of PH Response — our strategic actions in addressing the EMSA Audit.

The Marino Filipino TV also gave commendation to the MARINA officials for their hard work, commitment, and personal sacrifice in serving the needs of the Filipino seafarers around the world.

“As part of the Maritime Media Group and maritime industry community, your important work throughout the period of uncertainty brought about by COVID-19 pandemic has been recognized, and very much appreciated,” stated by the Marino Filipino TV.