MANILA – Simultaneously done with the celebration of Day of the Seafarers, the Maritime Industry Authority (MARINA) forged partnerships with software company Kongsberg Digital AS (KDI AS), and private Information, Communications Technology (ICT) and consultancy and specialist Seaversity, Inc. through Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) last 25 June 2022, held in Midas Hotel, Manila.

Both partnerships are part of the Agency’s continued commitment in maximizing the use of digitalization or automation in its systems and processes to speed up services for maritime stakeholders, not only for online services paving for contactless transactions, assessment and inspection, safety nets and data security system, but also for maritime education and capacity building.

The MoU with KDI AS covers the significance of Maritime Education and Training (MET) and the recognition that it is only feasible to secure and preserve highly qualified human resources in the maritime industry through effective and quality MET.

Under the said MoU, the MARINA and KDI AS will co-engage in the development of Traffic Capacity Studies for coastal and inland waterways using simulation technology, which is also part of the Maritime Industry Development Plan (MIDP) Program 3 initiatives; Training and Development of MARINA research personnel in Exercise Area Development tools, which will help to increase their knowledge and competency in database development, specifically for upgrading the domestic shipping in support of the Philippine Nautical Highway Development, and enhancement both of maritime safety and security in the country, which are all under the said Agency plan.

Further, the MoU stated the following scope of collaboration: Development of Foundational Training and curriculum within STCW-F Domain under the MIDP Program 4: Strengthening the Safety Standards of Philippine-Registered Fishing Vessels; Consultation in Development and standardization of MARINA and STCW Approved exercises for both on-premise and cloud-based simulation; and, Engage in the discussions for Development of Training Compendium for Blended Learning.

On the other hand, the MARINA also signed a MoU with Seaversity, Inc., focusing on their collaboration on the competency development framework under the MIDP through the application of simulation technology.

For specifics, the MoU covers areas of cooperation such as assistance in a long term goal in developing and sustaining an organizational culture and practice of leading maritime education innovation, technology, and sustainability, as well as development of MARINA’s Leaning Management System for Capacity building of MARINA Staff and key stakeholders in knowledge management, information, management and communication with consultation and advice concerning technical and operational aspects.

Aside from these, the MARINA and the Seaversity, Inc. were also committed to work together on the strengthening of the national research and development capacity for innovation and learning for the reciprocal sharing of knowledge and information on both the demand and supply sides of the maritime industry, and also technical cooperation for the validation and pilot testing of Immersive Virtual Realilty (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR), and Maritime Educational Technologies, particularly for the government’s participation in regional and international conferences, seminars and forum to acquire knowledge and information innovative ideas and technologies for the improvement of the maritime industry.

MARINA Administrator VADM Robert A Empedrad AFP (Ret) signed the MoUs with Kongsberg Digital AS SVP for Maritime Simulation Mr. Morten Hasas, and Seaversity, Inc. CEO Engr. Ephrem S. Dela Cerna, Jr.. The signing of both partnerships was also witnessed by OIC-Deputy Administrator for Planning Ms. Sonia B. Malaluan, STCWO Deputy Executive Director Capt. Jeffrey P Solon, and Seaversity Business Development Director LCDR Sergio S Sarno PN (Ret).