The Maritime Industry Authority (MARINA), along with several government agencies in the country, received recognition from the Anti-Red Tape Authority (ARTA) for consistently earning top scores in the Pre and Post Diagnostic Tests during the three-month-long Phase II: Regulatory Impact Assessment Manual Training held from April to July 2022.

The MARINA team, consisting of heads of offices who are part of the Agency’s Committee on Anti-Red Tape (CART) and technical staff in the field of policy formulation and review, core operations, and other fields as stipulated in ARTA MC 2020-07, were all from the Planning and Policy Service (PPS), Management, Finance and Administrative Service (MFAS), Overseas Shipping Service (OSS), and Domestic Shipping Service (DSS).

The training aimed to capacitate personnel on the different tools mentioned in the RIA Manual such as Benefit Cost Analysis, Standard Cost Model, and Multi-Criteria Decision Analysis. Further, different lenses of analysis on areas such as Gender and Social Inclusion, Environment, Disaster Risk, and Competition were also included in the training.

This training, according to ARTA, is also in line with the successful Pilot Testing of the RIA Manual in 2021 — a reference document that provides the tools, processes, and procedures of undertaking a RIA to ensure that regulations are subjected to proper consultations and evidence-based analysis before its issuance.

Through participating in this training, the MARINA will be able to design and evaluate policies and regulations in a systematic process that will enhance the quality of existing and proposed regulations.