PASAY CITY — Hundreds of key stakeholders from the maritime sector band together during the National Validation Workshop for the Updated Maritime Industry Development Plan (MIDP) 2028 organized by the Maritime Industry Authority (MARINA) last 13 July 2023.

The workshop served as a platform to strengthen and refine the existing plans and programs outlined in the MIDP 2028. Participants actively engaged in updating and proposing additional projects across the eight established programs of the long-term plan. Additionally, attention was given to formulating a comprehensive legislative agenda, which could be effectively advocated in Congress.

According to Atty. Hernani Fabia, MARINA Administrator, the updated MIDP 2028 embodies the maritime sector’s multifaceted contribution to the nation’s aspirations, including linking and invigorating various island-economies, fostering national integration amidst diversity, ensuring safety and security in maritime transport, providing professional seafarers to the global shipping industry, and stimulating competitiveness in the global economy.

Government agencies and private sector entities were present at the workshop, underscoring the collaborative nature of the event. By gathering key players from various sectors, MARINA aimed to ensure the active involvement and commitment of all stakeholders in shaping the future of the maritime industry in the Philippines.

The National Validation Workshop generated valuable insights and expertise, reinforcing MARINA’s confidence in the effectiveness of the updated MIDP 2028. Through collaboration with government agencies, private sectors, and other stakeholders, MARINA is well-positioned to drive the growth and development of the Philippine maritime sector, solidifying its standing on the global stage.

The significance of the MIDP 2028 lies in its imminent submission and presentation before Philippine President Ferdinand R. Marcos Jr. In February 2023, President Marcos affirmed his commitment to prioritize the maritime industry, recognizing its vital importance during the Philippine Maritime Industry Summit 2023.

MARINA remains steadfast in its commitment to implementing robust strategies and initiatives that strengthen the country’s maritime industry. Continued collaboration and concerted efforts will pave the way for the Philippines to become a leading maritime nation, fostering economic prosperity and establishing a sustainable and thriving maritime sector.

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